What follows are some case studies from several of our clients who are leading their ideal lives. The case studies tell in what situation our clients were when they came to us and in what way we could help them realize their most important goals based on their most deeply held values. We hope you find some inspiration through reading them to create a picture in your mind of how you would like to live your ideal life.

Ms. Smith (Edinburgh) – Case Study

Ms. Smith came to see us in 2010 as she had just sold her business and was planning for retirement. She had spoken to various advisers how...

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N of London – Case Study

N is a successful entrepreneur and inventor, running an extremely profitable specialist manufacturing business in London. Unlike many of our...

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F & C of Dunblane – Case Study

When we first met with F & C they were employed in the public sector, not particularly enjoying work, and keen to retire so they could ...

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